Some good things come in nice shiny packages.  Other good things come in the form of .php code, .css stylesheets, .jpegs and all forms of “digital new-ness”.

Today, I’m pleased to launch my new Nbisiing Consulting website in an effort to improve communication with my clients as well as the First Nations, Métis and Inuit who I work with.

This rebranding is quite important to me, as it reflects who I am as Anishinaabe and that we are a proud Anishinaabe company.

To begin, I’ve chosen to highlight the core values of Nbisiing Consulting based on my beliefs, teachings and way of life as Anishinaabe.  In my work with my clients and with Indigenous communities, I will always lead with my best foot forward.  I’ve described this in the Ojibwe language this as Mno Izhichige – “To do things right.”

The direct values we will abide by in our practice is being Respectful, Meaningful and Collaborative in all the advice and services we provide.  This is especially important for working with First Nation, Métis and Inuit.

Most importantly, we will be reflective of the core values of the Anishinaabeg.  This includes living a good life through the Seven Grandfather Teachings: Love, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty, Bravery and Wisdom.  There is so much to these teachings, with many different layers and intricacies.  I truly look forward to sharing these with you.

The new colors of the Nbisiing Consulting brand and logo reflect the colours of the Three Fires: red, orange and yellow.  These symbolize the founding peoples of the Confederacy, the Ojibwe, Odawa and Pottoawatomi, as well as a grateful homage to our source of knowledge, the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge.  The last colour is blue – symbolizing the lifegiving water that is so important to us all.

Of course, we cannot forget the land!  Much of the website’s background imagery includes stylized topographic and contour lines.  This represent the land, land-use planning and that stewardship of the land and water is always going to be a foundation for Nbisiing Consulting.

The typeface is quite special too.  It uses a sharp, stylized “g” which, when rotated, resembles a old-style key.  Working with Nbisiing can be a key to our client’s success in working with Indigenous peoples.

I’m so happy to be a business-owner and being able to share, teach and work with my people.  I am confident these philosophy and Indigenous traditional knowledge brings added value to my clients.  I am hopeful that this might help creates better awareness and respect, and new relationships that will lead, someday, to reconciliation.

Mi iw.  Miigwetch, kina niikaanisidoog.

Bob Goulais
President and Senior Principal
Nbiising Consulting