corpsummerSummer time is a good time for some reflection and relaxation. Employees will be enjoying the beautiful weather on vacation. You may be finding that the office is fairly quiet these days. We’re in the welcome days of the corporate summer downtime.

However, for an effective organization, there is no downtime. There are always operational needs. Most successful organizations – First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities, Tribal Councils and Aboriginal organizations included – use every opportunity to grow and develop as an organization.

While there is ample time for personal leisure, an organization can make productive use of the summer months to meet ongoing corporate needs. In fact, the summer months can be an effective part of annual corporate cycle.

PLANNING – While employees are away and operational needs slow down, the summer is a good time to engage in planning. Whether it’s the kick-off of a new strategic plan, updating of an existing plan, developing project plans or holding a one-off corporate planning retreat – the summertime offers time to put your collective minds to the future of your organization.

EVALUATION – While it’s important to focus on the future, from time-to-time, we should put our minds to the past. With a summer slow-down, the time can be used effectively to evaluate your existing operations. Periodic and annual evaluations of projects, programs or policies are good corporate practice. Program, project, operational and policy evaluation is a science that requires evaluation criteria, quantitative data and measurable outcomes.

POLICY DEVELOPMENT – There’s no better time to increase the effectiveness of your ongoing operations. Whether it’s updating your corporate bylaws, your governance policy, human resource policies and operational and program policies – there’s no limit to making effective use of quieter times. You may want to consider this time to update any operational manuals, cleaning up your book of minutes or modernize your hiring and on-boarding materials. Do you have a Privacy Policy? How about an Acceptable Use of IT policy? How about an Accessibility for Persons with disabilities policy?

ANNUAL REPORT – You’re audit is complete and your financial statements are in hand… what now? There is no better way of increasing your transparency and accountability and improving your communication with your members, clients or shareholders than an annual report. An annual report could provide key messages from your Chief, Band Manager, Executive Director, CEO and CFO. It can report on priority corporate initiatives and goals. It could provide year-end program updates. It could also be an effective means of sharing your audit and year-end financial statements with your members. A professional annual report and good corporate communication demonstrates good governance, and inspires confidence with your potential partners and investors.

Nbisiing Consulting Inc. is prepared to work with you on a timely approach to planning, evaluation, policy development or improving your corporate communications. Please consider us for your ongoing corporate needs. Support Aboriginal business.