Bob Goulais, President & Senior Principal

Having a challenge connecting with your Aboriginal partner?  Willing to consider an “outside-the-box” approach that can truly meet the needs of the community you are working with?  Nbisiing Consulting Inc.’s approach promotes a new way of doing business with First Nation, Métis and Inuit people.  In other words, an approach that is consistent with indigenous values, that is culturally sensitive and inclusive of Aboriginal communities, and takes progressive steps towards true partnership.  To aid both industry proponents and Aboriginal communities in meeting their goals, it’s a pleasure to announce our new suite of indigenous cultural advisory services.  These include:

Cultural Development – First Nations culture can be daunting.  We’re talking about thousands of years of history, traditional knowledge from many distinct nations, languages and cultures covering every square inch of traditional territory across Canada.  Fortunately, Nbisiing Consulting Inc. can provide full-service and advice in developing your indigenous cultural capacity.  We can take strides in creating a cultural program that meets the needs of your community, your organization, your company and the indigenous people you need to reach. Whether it’s a scholarship program, a language program, an Aboriginal community gathering, pow-wow, conference, you name it… You can be assured it will be done right, in a respectful way according to the protocols, customs and traditions of indigenous nations.

Aboriginal Awareness Training – Nbisiing offers far more than just the same old “Aboriginal 101” that touches upon basic Aboriginal legal and policy theory. Our training offers culturally-sensitive and unique approaches to practical topics such as:

  • Effective Aboriginal Relations
  • Aboriginal Community Engagement Planning
  • the Duty to Consult and Accommodate
  • Getting to know your Aboriginal Partner
  • Developing and Fostering Relationships with Aboriginal people
  • the New Way of Doing Business with Aboriginal People
  • Culture and Spirituality of Indigenous Nations
  • Understanding Assimilation
  • Multi-generational trauma and the Residential Schools
  • Negotiating and Overcoming Mistrust

Our training can be as focused or comprehensive as to meet your needs and your budget.  Our unique approach is done from the perspective of indigenous people providing real, hands-on experience working with First Nations people and Elders within an authentic, cultural setting.

Experienced Facilitation – Providing hands-on facilitation and leadership of meetings, workshops, forums, conferences, annual general meetings, etc. Years of experience in group facilitation, events planning, facilitation planning, and as a speaker and master of ceremonies at a wide range of Indigenous community gatherings. Offering your function in-depth indigenous knowledge, traditional commentary, humour and familiarity of a wide range of audiences.

Indigenous Mediation – A truly alternative way of resolving disputes by building trust, invoking indigenous values and employing an approach that your First Nation, Métis or Inuit partners can truly can understand and buy into.  This unique approach includes mediation of First Nation community disputes and alternative dispute mechanisms that may involve indigenous cultural practices, ceremony, involvement of Elders, traditional societies, circles, sweat lodges, and other culturally relevant activities.

Cultural Care – A diverse range of services that are respectful and sensitive to indigenous values, culture, ceremony, spirituality, customs and practices of the community you are working with. Helping to advise, guide and lead your way through the many important facets of indigenous ways of life.

Communication with First Peoples – all facets of communications planning including development of communications strategies, media relations, public relations, and marketing reaching specific indigenous target audiences including First Nations and Métis leadership, on-reserve populations, urban indigenous populations, indigenous women, youth, Elders, traditional people, and indigenous media outlets. Communications that reflects indigenous values, culture, language, community sensitivities and other facets of working with First Nation, Métis and Inuit people.

***  For my fellow Anishinaabeg and my teachers: in no way do our services compromise indigenous ways.  Sacred knowledge and teachings are not shared for commercial benefit, nor are ceremonies done outside the confines of our given protocols.  Our efforts are provided to non-native people to encourage collaboration and understanding with our people.  Miigwetch.