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Over the years, professional advice and unmatched service has been provided to:

  • Agencies, Boards and Commissions
  • City of Toronto
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Developers
  • Economic Development Companies
  • Emergency Management
  • Energy Companies
  • First Nations Governments
  • Forestry Companies
  • Government of Ontario
  • Government of Canada
  • Indigenous Organizations
  • Media Organizations
  • Métis Nation Governments
  • Mining Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Political Candidates
  • Political Parties
  • Political Territorial Organizations
  • School Boards

Bob, you were magnificent with making individuals engaged, and connected, keeping an eye on comments/chat/questions, reading the “room” and adapting to delays and the last minute changes when a speaker did not appear. I cannot express how impressed I am with your skilled nature in this regard. Thank you thank you! Also – thank you for sharing your drum song with us – not only was it useful for filling time, it was a lovely, moving, and memorable addition – certainly a special memory to takeaway from the event as a whole.”

—Nicole Bakes, Chiefs of Ontario


I have worked with Bob Goulais over many successful projects and initiatives for the last 15 years. His leadership abilities motivate and encourage. Bob’s facilitation skills allow participants to feel safe, have fun and contribute. He is a fantastic speaker and his cultural teachings, language and spirituality are sought after for consultations, conferences and events. I highly recommend Bob at Nbisiing Consulting Inc. for outreach and engagement services.

— Saga Williams
Adjunct Professor at York University — Osgoode Hall Law School


I have known Bob for more that 25 years and have consistently been impressed with his commitment to the big picture for Anishinabek people while delivering high value in every project he works on, be it for communities, government or industry. He connects vision to product and I find that to be an increasingly rare talent. I would not hesitate to bring Bob on to any important project that I have going that needs a shot of enthusiasm and energy. I am proud to count him as a colleague and friend.

— Dwayne Nashkawa (He/Him)
Strategic Advisor at Nipissing FN, Change Agent, Speaker, Systems Thinker


Whether it’s excellent strategic thinking, policy making or trying to interweave Indigenous knowledge and western science Bob is one of the very best. In addition, he has wonderful facilitation skills, an excellent approach to Indigenous Awareness training and a sound approach to developing strategic partnerships.

— Bob Watts


It is a privilege and a joy to work with Bob. He is kind and generous with his time and knowledge. He is deeply rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and has extensive experience working in settler/colonial organizations and governments. He understands multiple perspectives and expertly facilitates constructive dialogue. I also greatly appreciate how Bob mentors others, including young Indigenous entrepreneurs. I never stop learning from Bob.

— Selina Young
Kind, Competent Métis Leader Who Loves to Build Up People and Communities


There are many different views on working with and developing reconciliation plan with the Indigenous peoples of Canada, there are many that say they are the key to understanding the process for governments and for industry. There are few that the depth and experience that Bob has. I am happy and proud to say that Bob and I worked together for many years and I am better for that experience.

— John Beaucage
Past Chief of Wasauksing First Nation and Grand Council Chief of the Anishinabek Nation.


Bob Goulais is the embodiment of someone walking in two worlds. His level of refined professionalism braided with his deep sense of Indigenous traditionalism makes him a unique colleague to work with on projects of all types. His positive, perceptive, and practical approach to assignments definitely creates value for all his clients.

— Michael Fox, MBA
President, Fox High Impact Consulting


Bob provided invaluable guidance to help our team advance meaningful and genuine collaborations with First Nations. We enjoyed working with him, and hope to continue to do so.

—Julie Davis, CFRE
Vice President, External Relations and Advancement at Trent University


The Algonquin Nation called upon Mr. Goulais to help us to start our Nation Rebuilding efforts. He understood the challenges that we faced, and facilitated our meeting, incorporating our beliefs and traditions. The leadership and participants showed a great appreciation for his help. We also used his services to facilitate a difficult internal discussion, and he helped us with balance and respect. I look forward to working with him in the future.

— Norm Odjick
Director General at Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council


Having worked with Mr. Goulais on a number of projects over the years where he functioned as facilitator, it has been my experience that Bob brings vast experience and a wealth on knowledge to any project he is involved in. He always demonstrates his understanding of the issues and, perhaps more important, an understanding of the individual interests of the participants. Bob is someone who I always enjoy working with.

— Mark LaForme
Director, MCFN Department of Consultation and Accommodation

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