construction_stopIt’s going to be another beautiful weekend in most parts of the country.  As the spring weather improves that means more and more families will be travelling the highways and byways.  The good weather also means that highway construction season has begun.

All those warning signs, and orange and black pylons clearly indicate the presence of a construction zone.  Be aware and extra vigilant of these areas.  Concentrate and pay attention at all times.  Don’t tailgate as sudden stops are quite common.  Drive defensively and obey all the posted speed limits.  In Ontario, fines are doubled in constructions zones.  You can also lose three demerit points and be fined $500 for not obeying the person who holds traffic signs.

Always remember, that the good people doing this important work on Canada’s highways are someone’s dad, mom, son or daughter.  These construction zone laws are meant to protect them.  Give ’em a brake.