Social media conceptWe’re looking for your help to support Aboriginal business.

First Nations, Métis and Inuit businesses and entrepreneurs are hard working, creative and always looking for support from colleagues, friends and other sources to optimize potential business opportunities.  The reality is that small companies, which may have as few as a single employee, can’t be everywhere.  We try to have our ear to the ground but often times we’re too busy working to properly scope out new contracts.  Our marketing budgets aren’t always what they need to be to capture every opportunity that may be out there.

Supporting Aboriginal business means that you are support families, creating jobs and enabling economic self-sufficiency among indigenous people.  That’s good for the economy and good for our society.

Incentive and Referral Program

If you know of a potential client, company, a project, a request for proposals that may need the services of Nbisiing Consulting Inc., and your referral leads to a realization of business, we will be pleased to share a generous percentage of the consulting services revenue with you.

Referral Type   Contract
Project 4 per cent of billable time for Consulting Services for the duration of a specific project.
Client 3 per cent of all billable time for Consulting Services for any referral that leads to an
ongoing client.

The incentive is paid for a specific referral.  You may provide your referral by e-mail to:  The information collected will be kept protected and confidential accord to our Privacy Policy.

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