Bob Goulais, President & Senior Principal, Nbisiing Consulting Inc.

I know it’s cliche, but it’s that time of year again.  Your organization has some unspent funding and you’ve got a few ideas that just might fit into the funder’s criteria.  But you need some creative and dedicated help to get it done before the end of the fiscal year.

Nbisiing Consulting just might be able to meet your needs.

  • Strategic Communications.  Consider some end of year communications to your citizens, members or shareholders.  Strategic communications may include facilitating dialogue sessions or focus groups, holding a special meeting or improving the communications strategies and tactics between your organizations and those that need to know.
  • Political Initiatives.  Have you been wanting to move on that certain public policy objective but need support and know-how to pull it off?  Influencing public policy and governmental relations takes experience and a ready network of influencers.  Nbisiing Consulting can help you plan, executive and deliver on your goals.
  • Strategic Planning.  Whether you require a full plan, an update to your existing plan, or planning a certain objective, we’re here to help.  This might include some objective driven planning, environmental scans, risk management, and company-wide engagement.  Turn your ideas into a full workplan.
  • Facilitation & Engagement.  Need a speaker, an master of ceremonies, or a strategic facilitator? Whether it’s a full plan to engage your membership, engagement for a certainly project or initiative, or an experienced host for a specific event – you can count on entertaining, engaging and intelligent delivery of your message in a culturally-appropriate way.
  • Policy, policy and more policy.  Review of policies, policy development and strategic policy advice, Nbisiing Consulting can turn your policy needs into plan of action.  Or you just need an extra set of hands to work on your important initiative.  We’d be pleased to offer you our support.
  • Cross-Cultural & Intergovernmental Learning.  Want to learn more about First Nations and how we do business? Or your First Nation or organizations wants to learn about the Federal and Provincial Government and how they do business?  Maybe you are looking for some Indigenous cultural competency training for your organization?  Nbisiing Consulting can develop and deliver a training plan suited to your needs.
  • Reach an Indigenous Audience.  Your organization has come a long way, and you may be considering how you fit into the Reconciliation conversation.  Perhaps you want to reach a specific First Nation, Métis or Inuit audience.  Or you want to start a renewed dialogue with Indigenous people.  Nbisiing Consulting can help you navigate through your needs, deliverables and facilitate these important conversations.

We are happy to support you in any of these areas.  Please call Bob Goulais at (416) 770-8567 or e-mail: